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As an organization we thrive on partnerships and this has helped ease the kind of work we do. Partnerships have helped us more a step in our advocacy and in return we have managed to offer support to more LBQT persons in Uganda. Human Rights Promotion Forum has also supported us on our legal matter sand this has shown lighter on several discriminatory acts that have helped us as an organization step up to advocate and empower the people we represent.


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Partnerships with various LGBTIQ organizations in Uganda that has also provided statistics and need for the works that we do. This has narrowed the gap in service delivery and support as many more LGBTIQ persons have been able to get support from any of the organization. And with referrals we have been able to keep relevant. Like the loose network where Rella contributed to the UPR shadow report that was published in light of what different organization do and what kinds of works have been made possible with the collaborative effort.

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