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We envision a society where all persons inclusively thrive politically, economically, socially, and mentally.
Contributing to the restoration of LBQ persons' lives through entrepreneurship and mental health is the Rella House of Hope Program, a rehabilitation center.
Facilitating and monitoring the behavioral change in mental, sexual, and reproductive health, and rights under the Hakuna Matata Program.
Promoting financial independence and economic justice among LBQ persons under the Hebwa Program.
Contributing to the growth and sustainability of a resilient, resistant, strong LBQ movement under our Movement Building Program.
About Rella

Rella Women’s Foundation provides holistic solutions to LBQ persons creating a sense of community and support system that aids us to protect ourselves, discover, grow and tap into our potentials and contribute to the country as citizens.

Rella Women’s Foundation offers safe, and structured environments for LBQ women experiencing challenges like homelessness, addiction, financial dependence, mental illness, and trauma under our Rella House of Hope Program, a rehabilitation center.

We are creating communities with improved and progressive attitudes, practices, by strengthening capacity to advance LBQ person’s rights and gender equality under our Movement Building Program.

We fight for economic justice and promote financial independence among LBQ persons under the Hebwa Program.

We ensure access to sexual reproductive health commodities, information services, and rights for LBQ persons under the Hakuna Matata Program.

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7 Years of Experience

Our Programs

We are because you are

Rella WF is committed to shaping practices and influencing policy reforms while engaging the LBQ community, organisations, humanitarians, development stakeholders, policy makers and law enforcement officers, in order to positively impact the lives of LBQ persons and communities. Rella WF aims to influence better and more effective decision-making and programing by generating and promoting knowledge, and tools, that offer frameworks to support LBQ programing and decision making for LBQ communities, organisations, humanitarians, and development stakeholders, policy makers and law enforcement officers.


Hebwa program

Mindset training that was focused on the shelter occupants where there were more occupants. The mindset training was to trigger change and positive attitude


Rella House of Hope

Rella House of Hope as a rehabilitation center helps to restore LBQ persons to health or normal life through training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, disownment, eviction, or illness. This allows us to take action in restoring lives to former privileges or reputation after a period of disfavour.


Hakuna Matata Program

Facilitates and monitors the behavioural change in Mental, Sexual, Reproductive Health, and Rights among LBQ persons in Uganda. We carry out community engagements and capacity building regarding sexual and reproductive health...


Leadership and movement building

We work towards creating a sustainable, resilient, resistant, strong LBQ community in Uganda. The program also motivates more LBQ individuals to be a part of movements for better alliance-building, protection, liberation, support systems, and cultural change inspires.