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We’ve Helped 5k+ Women

About Rella Womens Foundation

Our Objective

Working Towards the freedom of women, regardless of their background, ethnic or sexuality.




Our Causes

Spread Joy with a Donation

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  • Hebwa program
  • Hakuna Matata Program
  • Shelter Activities
  • Leadership & movement building
Our Programs

Bring More Meaning to Your Life & Family

As an organization we thrive on partnerships and this has helped ease the kind of work we do.

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Hebwa program

Mindset training that was focused on the shelter occupants where there were more occupants. The mindset training was to trigger change and positive attitude


Hakuna Matata Program

Behavioral change conversation at the Rella House of Hope has been a stepping stone for many occupants


Shelter activities

Occupant Admission where we have had about 17 occupants in the course of the year. The different shelter occupants came for various reasons that include homelessness, healing and rest.


Leadership and movement building

Trainings have been a huge part of movement building the LBQT community and through these trainings we have managed to improve on our existing knowledge and also build capacity

Our Recent Events

Here to Bring People Together

The majority have suffered alteration all injected
gets humours randomises.

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Meet Our Team

Most Passionate Team Members

The master-builder of human happiness no one rejects, dislikes
or avoids pleasure itself pleasure,


Success Stories, To Know About Our Charity

The majority have suffered alteration all injected humours randomises.

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